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4.5.- Patents

WIPO Patent Scope

International Patent Classification – IPC

  • (A01G23/10) – Tapping of tree-juices, e.g. caoutchouc, gum – 2.285 results in WIPO Patent Search

  • (A01G23/12) – Knives or axes for tapping – 680 results in WIPO Patent Search

  • (A01G23/14) – Tapping-spouts; Receptacles for juices – 645 results in WIPO Patent Search
  • (A01G23/10) OR IC:(A01G23/12) OR IC:(A01G23/14) – 2,285 results in WIPO Patent Search

  • (C09F1/00) – Obtaining purification or chemical modification of natural resins, e.g., oleo-resins

1 SEP 1936 – US 2,053,031A – Hesseland – Methor of Producing Resin from Trees.

This is the first patent that talks about “CHEMICAL STIMULATION”!

“… The invention resides in the procedure by which the trunk wound is treated with a means of accelerating the flow of the resin. Such a means may be designated as a stimulus. According to the invention, there are suitable stimuli chemicals, acids, salts, alkalies either pure or in solution or mixtures thereof, oxidizing or reducing materials and alcohols, ethers, aldehydes, phenols, and the like. These stimuli may be brought into touch in any suitable manner with the wound on the trunk, for instance by tipping on, spraying on, or blowing as dust. …”



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